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We truly desire to meet the needs of our community. Practical, economical, spiritual, social, etc...

We don't want to just be another handout... we want to be a hand up. Providing opportunities that break the cycles of poverty, drug abuse, education deficiencies, homelessness, broken homes, lack of self worth, while building a community that breeds healthy relationships and not hate.


There are many people in our community, churches, and sphere of influence that have a passion help serve in our region and help those in need. We want to facilitate individuals and teams that have a desire to help in specific areas but lack the tools, capabilities, and leadership.

Using our resources and bringing people together for the common goal- to unite our community and make it stronger- we will have the opportunity to help and we will see real change in those that lack.

We want to infuse our community with hope and life!


Bags of Hope is our annual orphan care project where we provide Duffle bags to children in Foster Care, embroidered with their name and filled with age appropriate comfort items. Often times children in foster care store their personal belongings in a trash bag. It is the goal of Bags of Hope to replace these trash bags with Duffle bags.


The Bible speaks of freedom many times and it is evident that everyone has the opportunity to experience that freedom The Freedom Center is a Christian Counseling Center that offers: Clinical Counseling Pastoral Counseling Grief Counseling and Inner Healing Ministries.


The River Health & Wellness is a Faith Community Nursing Ministry of His Providence Church. We want to provide healthcare in a different way, removing the common frustrations of the system.  Direct Health Care brings the focus of care back to the patient and their overall health.  This will be personal, compassionate and high quality care.


His Prison Ministry's main objective and purpose is to serve, lead, and love those that are incarcerated. Our goal is to see healing, restoration, and transformation in the lives of the inmates and their families through and for Jesus Christ.

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