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Will saint-ilme


I have a passion for seeing lives transformed and impacted by the supernatural power of God, and it began shortly after I myself had a life changing encounter with the Holy Spirit when I was 15. I grew up traveling almost an hour every week to attend a church in Brooklyn. My parents made every effort and spared no expense for my 5 siblings and I to have a relationship with the Lord. My best friend and I on the other hand only cared about sitting in the back imagining we were playing Super Mario Bros. 3, as was our Sunday afternoon ritual.


When my family began attending a church closer to home that had a student ministry focused on delivering the message of the Gospel in a fun and engaging way, my heart and my life became centered around serving the Lord, and living out His love. A few of the guy leaders took me in and discipled me and I felt like I was their very own little brother. Their influences not only brought my volleyball skills to near semi-pro level, but also helped me discover my calling.


After graduating High School and spending a year attending the nearby Community College, I left NY to attend what was then Zion Bible College in Barrington RI (now Northpoint Bible College in Haverhill MA). My time at Zion was nothing less than a wilderness experience. What should have taken 8 semesters took 8 years, but the refining that took place in those 8 years shaped and formed me away from what I thought I needed to do, and more toward who He wants me to be (because He isn't done with me yet #workinprogress) In that time, I not only made some friends that I now have the blessing of ministering alongside, I also met my AMAZING, GORGEOUS, BRILLIANT WIFE. I am blessed to journey through all of life's challenges and victories with her. Together, with our 4 baby GAP models, we are thrilled by every opportunity we have to do life together with all of the beautiful people in this community and this region.


If you have a teenager that you would like to see connect with the Wonderful Father that created them, as well as connect with other Amazing teenagers like them? HIT ME UP!!!

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