It's hard to say what a typical service might consist of.

Of course we have the usual components of most up-to-date churches such as worship in song, and a message; however, from one service to the next, our meetings often look drastically different.

  • At His Providence we believe in body ministry, and no, that’s not a nice way of saying if you come you’ll get put on the janitor rotation. Peter writes about the Body of Christ being a royal priesthood, thus making every believer a minister in his or her own right, and furthermore, proving that God can, and will, use anyone He chooses to speak His heart. With this in mind, our leadership endorses and embraces the involvement of those who feel led to share something with the congregation.

  • During various times during the service, someone might feel led to share and is welcome to do so. As long as this participation maintains the order of the service, we welcome it and have seen and heard testimonies of how these small inclusions have changed people’s circumstances and lives.

  • Often times the message prepared by whoever is speaking that morning will end with an appeal for people to spend individual time with God in meditation and intercession regarding the content of the morning. At this point some people may feel led to pray for a while at the altar before leaving, while others may request prayer for themselves or a situation they know of. Be it a medical need, a financial issue, or a domestic struggle, the people of His Providence church are ready to pray for any concerns present.

Just as we believe the Church is an organic body, likewise we feel that its meetings should be also. Our services reflect the ebb and flow of real life and the goings on of God’s Kingdom and People.

What can I wear?

We don’t really have a dress code. Some wear ties, some wear sweatpants, some wear shorts and t-shirts. We have an elder who was once seen preaching in shower shoes and cargo shorts…and he’s probably the most spiritual of us all.   

What if I have little ones?

Then you’re in the majority. One thing we have a lot of is kids! We have a full-service nursery for age 1 and under, along with Children's Church classes for ages 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6-11. The children are dismissed to these classes partway through the praise and worship.

We also have a middle school class, for ages 11-13, that meet after worship. The only week they do not meet is the first week of each month. We ask that they stay in the service with their parents as they begin to transition into their teenage years.

If you are visiting the church and would like to attend any of these classes with your children we encourage you to do so. If you would prefer that your children remain with you in the service we welcome that as well.