Stephanie is the newest member of our leadership team. She hails from the midwest where her and her husband Neil were part of the leadership in a similarly fashioned church body. Stephanie's role here is "First Impressions", where she can use her communication skills as well as her marketing degree to good use. If you're new to HPC, you'll have the opportunity to meet Stephanie and go home with info that she has put together for you.

Stephanie has also come to us at an interesting season here at HPC. Her and Neil were part of a building project in their last church before moving to New England. Their church was around 500 people when it was decided to build a new place to worship. (Sound familiar?) So subsequently, Stephanie also serves as a consultant in this sensitive season for us and provides valuable imput in regards to communication and staying connected with our church family as we navigate rapid growth and all the pains associated with growing! 

Neil has taken on the task of leading our Security Team. With his military and previous church security backgrounds, Neil brings a great amount of knowledge to keeping our children safe while they worship.