Things to know as you plan your visit:

- Check in for children 5 and under begins 15 minutes before service and ends 15 minutes after service begins.

- For children 0-5 years old please place name tag on the child's back. For children 6+ please place name tag on their chest.

- Keep the receipt with child's code... this is necessary for pick up. If we need you during service, the code will be displayed on the screen in the sanctuary.

- Please label all child's belongings cups, diaper bags, etc...

- To ensure the health of your child we ask that children who have had a fever, and/or vomited within the last 24 hours, prior Sunday morning, to not attend class.

-Safety is extremely important to us which is why all our workers have had a background check. We also have a security guard stationed in the kid's zone, as well as a camera inside all of our classrooms.