A Message from Pastor Zac - 3.6.19

Hey Everybody,

So I have this theory, and it was originally framed in the context of the local church, and originally birthed in reference to ours.  But today I think it’s for you.  It’s the idea that absolutely everything we need, to be who we’re supposed to be and do what we’re supposed to do, we have—right now.

With our 8th anniversary around the corner, I get nostalgic looking back on our early years (I mean, I guess we’re still in our ‘early’ years—we haven’t even hit double digits yet), and I remember being continually in awe of the people who were led to worship with us.

Not just the numbers, although that was fascinating too.  But more significantly, the caliber of people, the strengths and skills and burdens of people, the past experiences and future expectations of people (so often the latter is considered a stumbling block to many leaders, but I can’t help believing these expectations are rooted in each of our desires to see the Kingdom come; and thus are perhaps among our greatest of assets).

Over the years I would hear pastors and other leaders talk about needing a person to do such-and-such, or not being able to move forward without this or that role filled, and for the most part, I kept my mouth shut (don’t roll your eyes, Jesus and the NSA are watching you).  Because all I could ever seem to add to that conversation was: “yeah, somehow, every single person we need, we have.”

I meant it—and I still do.

I was never really into the big “vision” movement; you know, the whole, “cast a big vision and people will catch it and that’s how you lead” thing. 

And looking back, I’m so glad the Father gave us a foundation of focusing on the minute rather than the movement. Why?  Because when too much of our brain power and soul strength stays years, or even days, ahead of us, we almost always miss what we have—right now.

And what I’ve found is that infinitely more happens in the minute than in the movement. In fact, the movement doesn’t even exist without the minute, which in and of itself makes the minute more important...not just to us, but to the Lord as well.

But most importantly (to this email at least) is what we have in the minute. What the Father, in His omniscience, sovereignty, and providence, has seen fit to bestow upon us—right now.

You know that saying, “one in the hand is better than two in the bush”?  Well it must have been said by someone who never actually tried to catch even one bird out of a bush, let alone two...it’s impossible, and dumb to even compare the idea to the blessing of what’s already in your hand.

So I want to ask you today: “What’s in your hand?”

Not, “What’re your big plans?” Or “What’s your vision or dream?”  I don’t even care about your 5-year goals...I’ve lived long enough to know they’re gonna change 20 times between now and then! I want to know what’s in your hand.

I believe with my whole heart that the Father has already given us every single person, place, and thing that’s needed for us to be who we’re supposed to be and do what we’re supposed to do—right now.  Yet so often our prayer life is looking up at God and pointing to the 2 in the bush—I think He’s looking at us and pointing to the 1 in our hand.

If you’re struggling with what you don’t have, or what you’re waiting for today, I challenge you to pull your hands out of your pockets and see what’s already there...it’ll likely be what you really need—right now.

Love you guys, and I’m still in awe of how the Lord has brought us together, for such a time as this!

Pastor Zac