A Message from Pastor Zac - 3.21.19

His Providence,

I hope you all are enjoying this sunshine, and that you’re as excited about all the Father is doing as I am.  As the Psalmist wrote (and the worship leaders of the ‘80’s sang): 

“This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it!” 

I know these words can be more than a little cliche, but I want to encourage you to get a hold of the fact that even this very day has been hand-crafted by our Creator, for us to live rejoicing in, and for, His glory.

So, how about our youth last Sunday?  If you were in second service then you heard Pastor Will say something like, “Zac rested in the first service and then already got a word from the Lord in second...”.  Well, the truth is that just resting isn’t good enough, you have to rest in the Lord’s Presence—and the reason the Lord was moving so mightily and we were hearing Him so clearly, was because United’s worship band brought the house down in their welcoming of Him.  Resting our bodies is one thing, but if the Lord is allowed to start moving when we stop moving, that’s when the downloads begin.  —so “high-five” United, you guys killed it!

I wanted to take just a minute of your week (in addition to the several hours on Sunday...hahaha), and share something the Lord has been putting on my heart. Years ago, people would rarely replace things.  Instead, they would fix them.  When my wife’s great-aunt Shirley passed away, we were cleaning out her house and found a volume set of books dedicated entirely to building and fixing pretty much anything and everything you would ever need to fix.  From carpentry and electronics, to appliances, mechanics, plumbing, gardening, and upholstery...this encyclopedia set covers literally thousands of things you can do to repair your stuff.

Now, a necessary prerequisite for many of these projects is a basic understanding of hand tools and some simple power tools, not unlike how a cook book is written assuming its readers have a basic understanding of how to use standard kitchen appliances.  The skills required in both fields were taught at the time in pretty much every high school, and if one opted out of high school, they would likely learn these elementary operations from dads or uncles or the creepy guy across the street if you were really desperate.

My how the world has changed.

The thought of repairing something today is as foreign as the thought of just throwing it away would’ve been at the time those books were written.  And the biggest difference is not that we don’t have the capacity to fix it (although that is certainly part of the problem), it’s that these things today weren’t meant to be fixed.  They were meant to be tossed and replaced rather than repaired.  So after a few decades of this philosophy in production, the skills to repair well-built things were replaced with the skills to quickly purchase more poorly built things...and now hardly anybody knows how to fix anything. “Zac, it sounds like your heading for another right-wing soapbox...”

Ok, let me get to the point:  I think people, by and large, have adopted this same mindset for the human race. Think about it.  In the same way that things were valued, protected, and maintained—so too was life in general more meaningful to people.  Time, investment, and relationships were valued, protected, and maintained.  However, it seems that more and more, we are prone to simply throw out whatever no longer perfectly serves us, and replace it with another cheap one.  While this is bad enough with things, it’s absolutely devastating when the things become people.

I just want to remind us today that the Father is as old-school of a Craftsmen as they come—and He’s never made anything cheap, nor with the intent of it being replaced.  Even when He flooded the earth, the Lord desired to start over with Noah and his family, rather than create another Adam and Eve.  Interesting, huh? 

So what does all this mean for us?  It means that as bad as we want the Lord to just “start over” with us, and as many regrets as we might have in our lives, or ways we’ve been broken and no longer “function properly,” and with all the ways we see ourselves unable to serve our original purpose; we have to know this: 

The Lord does not replace—He repairs, and it’s called Redemption.

Even though people are no longer learning the skills of how to redeem people...the Holy Spirit is still teaching the “shop class” and “home economics.”  In the same way Christ has redeemed us, He seeks to educate and empower us to do the same.

Saints, because of the truth imparted to us from Heaven, we can take part in this incredible occupation of redeeming people.  

By the fruit of the Spirit, we can repair what formerly would’ve just been replaced, and in doing so, find out how well our Manufacturer really made us!

So love people this week, and do it like they’re gonna last forever...because we were all meant to.

Love you guys,
Pastor Zac