A Message from Pastor Zac - 3.1.19

Good Morning Saints,

Snow in March always seems like Winter’s last-ditch effort to make us believe it can last forever.  Well Saints, the Devil is a liar...and I’m not buying it.

I hope everybody’s having a great week, and that you’re enjoying the wonderful Presence of God, as He accompanies you in all you do.  It’s the Spirit of God within us that changes everything, and I would encourage you this week to take note of that as you carry-on about your day.

Isaiah 66 says this:
“Thus says the LORD, "Heaven is My throne and the earth is My footstool. Where then is a house you could build for Me? And where is a place that I may rest? "For My hand made all these things, Thus all these things came into being," declares the LORD. "But to this one I will look,
To him who is humble and contrite of spirit, and who trembles at My word.”

‭‭This passage is obviously of special interest to His Providence right now, as we navigate all the Father has set before us concerning our next geographical location—and in that context, it’s a reminder that we could never build anything so great it would entice Him to come and fill it.

These words tell us that the Dove only settles on a Bride who is humble, contrite, and who fears His Word.

And for our corporate body, it's an encouragement to remain surrendered to His power and purpose through the transition of this season if we want to see the Lord continue moving with increasing intensity among us.

But I want to also point out the implications of this passage on the individual as well.  Perhaps the greatest lie the Enemy tells us is that we don’t have the Lord’s Presence in us, that we’re not worthy of His power, and that we certainly could never really be some place He would dwell.

Satan tells the world that God’s not big enough, but he tells the Church He’s too big. Watching others receive a word from the Lord or an answered prayer, while ours seem to go unnoticed, only compounds this lie that we’re ineligible for whatever it is God seems to be doing in everyone but us.

The truth is, God’s not just looking for one humble heart—He’s looking for EVERY humble heart.  

And it’s not just so He can make you feel better, He’s looking for these hearts because they are the most perfect thing on the earth, and thus become the prime real estate for His next house flip.

He wants a home, and it’s our humility that puts the “Welcome” mat out for Him.

The Lord is moving so mightily among us this season, and Satan is getting very concerned about how powerful a church would be if she really knew What she carried.

Saints, you have within you the Power of creation, redemption, and resurrection...and anything that says otherwise is nothing more than snow in March. And for the life of me I can’t think of a single year that Winter was ever able to keep Spring from coming.

I love you guys,
Pastor Zac