A Message from Pastor Zac - 2.9.19

Especially to those of you who came out on Wednesday night, 
I was so incredibly blessed to see so many of our His Providence family at the BCA prayer and worship night.  Wow!  What an awesome time in the Presence of God!

I’ve always called us “a worshipping church,” but so often churches that worship passionately in their own space on their Sunday morning services, never really recreate that atmosphere anywhere else.  Whether it’s about never getting the chance, or never being comfortable enough in any other environment… most Christians aren’t bringing the power of their corporate worship to the places that need it the most: which is pretty much anywhere beyond their church sanctuaries.  And it was that power and purpose of worship that we talked about as we gathered in BCA’s multipurpose room to join our hearts in song to the Lord.

You guys have all heard me rant about the “warfare” of worship, and how it should be our go-to strategy in not only our spiritual battles, but as we face any and all odds that mount against us.  But as we shared that night about Jehoshaphat and the epic story of the Lord telling him to send his worshippers ahead of the army into battle, I was reminded of how this “worship warfare” works.

It’s not because we play some secret chord that suddenly strikes fear into the heart of our enemy, nor is it (to the surprise of many) that we sound so bad our foe runs away covering his ears.  From the safety of my keyboard, I’ve seen people “angry-worship” before; as if it was their song itself that does the fighting… and this can just be painful to watch—I’m sure the Lord is trying to figure it out too.  But worship warfare isn’t actually any of those things.  In fact, battle worship is not different than any other worship in essence and purpose.

We all know the Lord is “enthroned in the praises of His people” (Psalm 22:3), but the connection we often fail to make, is that wherever the Lord is enthroned, He will win—and wherever He wins, we win.

So how do we fight our battles?  We put the Lord where He belongs: on His Throne.  And from that seat of authority, He commands the mighty armies of Heaven to go to war against every principality of darkness that wreaks havoc in this world.

And He always wins.

Some of us aren’t confident in the power of our praise, because we’re not confident in our praise.  But this isn’t about being a great singer or instrumentalist, it’s about knowing where the Lord belongs, and putting Him there in your heart, mind, and soul.

Saints, I don’t care if you have the musical prowess of a tone-deaf middle-school kid with a lisp and broken recorder that can barely toot Hot Cross Buns…

...when you go to war you’ve got every winged beast, golden chariot, and sword-wielding warrior angel fighting behind you for the one Kingdom that will last forever—And you can be sure of this: He always wins. 

So worshippers, be encouraged.
I love you and I can’t wait to do it again Sunday!
- Pastor Zac