A Message from Pastor Zac - 1.4.19

Happy New Year Beloved!
I hope and pray that this first week of 2019 is already marked by the grace and peace of Jesus, our Living Hope.

And now, a quick note on New Year’s Resolutions:
Did you know that less than 25% of people keep their resolutions for longer than 30 days?  Or that only around 8% actually follow through with them completely?
You and I both know some incredibly resolved people who live well-ordered lives (they’re the ones I’m usually jealous of), and yet even the most determined seem to struggle with hanging on to these ‘resolution’ thingy’s—which by the way seem to have been invented for the sole purpose of keeping us humble.

Why? I have this theory that resolutions break so easily because they’re usually produced in a broken part of us.

Think about it:  We engineer our resolutions based on what we’ve been doing ‘wrong’ and need to do ‘right;’ often assisted by the expectations of others or the influence of culture.  Whether it has to do with your weight and body image, your budget and debt, or the making or breaking of personal habits that we think will somehow finally make us the better person we know we can be—because we read it in a magazine while standing in the check-out line at Target; they all trace back to our brokenness—and our desire to not be broken anymore.

Saints, you’re not broken anymore.

But when we believe we are, we’ll try to discipline and flesh ourselves out of that “perceived” brokenness, only to find that even our very best efforts are futile.  Why? Because they’re OUR best efforts.

The real truth about resolutions is that only one Resolution ever mattered.  It happened a long time ago when the Father put His foot down and said in a voice that rattled the Gates of Hell: “THAT’S IT!!!, I refuse to let their sin separate them from me anymore!”

And because the Father’s resolution couldn’t be broken, His heart had to be instead.
And to this day, His is still the only Resolution that matters, and its the only One we’re judged by.  Now I’m not telling you to just rip that legal sheet off you’re refrigerator and set it on fire; but I am telling you not to waste one more day thinking that you’re maintenance of that list will somehow improve you the way the world thinks you need improving.  Sure we can develop good habits, and work to break bad ones; we can be conscious of what we eat and how we spend; but at the end of the day—and at the end of 365 of them—what will matter is whether or not we’re surrendered to the truth of who we are in Christ: the One who took on brokenness so we could take it off.

His Providence, I see what the Lord is doing in each of you and its perfect, and its amazing, and its beautiful!

So let 2019 be a year of demonstration—a year that shows the world our wholeness is not a matter of unbroken resolutions, but rather a matter of the unbreakability of the Father’s Word. I love you guys, and I’m looking forward to another year with you; I really think its gonna be the best one we’ve ever had.

Pastor Zac