A Message from Pastor Zac - 1.25.19

His Providence,

Hey everybody, I’m praying for you guys this week; that the Lord would continue to prepare our hearts for constant regeneration, our minds for continued transformation, and our lives for His return. I just wanted to drop you a quick reminder to be praying for our girls this weekend. As Ashley said a few weeks ago, the registration filled up almost as soon as we made it available, which tells me two things:

1).  Our ladies have been super blessed by this over the past few years and know they’ll be blessed and refreshed again.

2).  There is a hunger stirring in the hearts of the Daughters of God; a desire for even ‘more’ of the Lord than we’ve tasted and seen.

If you’ve been in the loop for this year’s retreat, then you know that within the last 48 hours it took a pretty serious monkey-wrench to the gut.  On Wednesday we found out that because of the gas line issue in Newport, the hotel that has been booked since last October, had to cancel our reservations.

Of all the weekends…

After hours of talking with every hotel on this corner of the continent and turning up empty-handed every time...we found out that an old friend of ours recently acquired and renovated a hotel on the harbor in New Bedford—a hotel who’s conference room was built into a historic building that just so happens to be the very first oil-refinery in the world.  And now THAT’s where our daughters, mothers, and wives are meeting with the Lord this weekend.

Of all the places…

Anyone who’s been walking with the Lord for a while will agree that when our plans blow-up, it’s usually because the Lord is about to show-up, and that’s what I’m believing for our girls this weekend.

So this is a call to join me in prayer and intercession for the women of HPC; that they will each sense the covering of the Father, the healing of Jesus, and the intimacy of the Holy Spirit.  

Let’s believe together for fresh fire to ignite the lamps of those who’s oil is refined by the ‘Original’ Refiner.

Can’t wait to hear your stories, girls!  See you Sunday!

Pastor Zac