A Message from Pastor Zac - 1.18.19

Good Morning Saints!

I pray your season is full of the Glory of God, and that you’re receiving personal revelation as the Holy Spirit empowers His Word within you this week.

Can I just say, “Wow Holly!...just WOW!” You totally blew it up on Sunday.  What a powerful message on faithfulness in waiting...something our church really needs to take to heart in 2019.  And nothing blesses me more than seeing construction paper masking taped to people I love in front of several hundred other people I love.  It was like a personal party for me right there on the front row.

Just wanted to drop a quick line reminding us that HPC small groups are kicking back into gear over the next several weeks and if you haven’t been participating in ministry outside of Sunday mornings, this might be the best way to make it happen.  Over the last week or two, Ashley and I have had so many conversations with folks, both in our church family, and from others as well, who’ve been committed to meeting with same dozen-or-so people for quite a few years! Sometimes even after leaving churches and going through other significant life changes, these groups are the constant and stable faith force in our lives—which is something the Lord prescribes for every believer.

The atmosphere fostered in these environments creates intimacy, vulnerability, and accountability, all of which are crucial for Christians to be real Christians.

If you remember a few weeks ago I was talking about the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and mentioned how, most often, in Scripture people received His power in groups...and even today, while people may have the actual experience in their private prayer time, it’s most likely because they are plugged into a Spirit-filled fellowship thats supporting them in their pursuit.

Well the point there was that the only thing the Lord loves more than using a “me,” is using an “us.”  And if for no other reason than that, I would encourage not only our attendance in a small group, but our wholehearted humble submission to the Body of Christ in that setting as well.

I’ve talked to so many believers who live on their own private spiritual island because they can’t seem to agree or get-along with anyone else.  There can only be one of two reasons for this:

Either you’re right and walking perpetually in the Spirit and everyone else you know and go to church with is totally whacked out in their standards, convictions, and expectations of you as a believer (which is obviously almost always the case).
 Ooooooor, you’re allowing some bitterness or past wound to give legal right to some bitter spirit that wants you isolated from real fellowship, out of fear that you may actually have to deal with whatever pride issue you’ve been feeding (this is very VERY rare, of course; but every once in a sliver of a while, it might just possibly have something to do with it.)

But either way, whether you’re the “messiah” or just the “mess,” there’s a small group at HPC that needs you, wants you, and is praying for you and what God wants to do in your life. 

So next time you’re in prayer, ask the Lord to speak to you when you hear about these groups over the next few weeks, and make an effort to find out where in the Body, your body, fits.

Love you guys, and I’m praying for our faithfulness in fellowship!
Pastor Zac