A Message from Pastor Zac - 1.11.19

His Providence,

Hey everybody, I’m praying for you and all the Father has for you this week; especially those of you who have joined me in this sense of seeing 2019 as a year when its more important than ever before that the power of God be wielded with skill, diligence, and passion.

Saints, I believe there is a mighty call on the Bride of Christ to rise up in these last days, and as that Bride, the Church is undergoing a sort of “boot camp” in order to be prepared to answer this call.  Usually when I think of “Bridal Bootcamp” for the Church, or “prepping for the last days,” my mind goes to some underground bunker somewhere filled with non-perishables and a bunch of civilians learning combat to lead a resistance against the New World Order. And while I’m sure thats happening on the set of a Zombie Apocalypse movie somewhere, I’m not certain that’s what the Lord wants from us, anymore than He wanted the military campaign His followers tried to create for Him when He came the first time.

It would seem that the Lord is still just as concerned about what He’s always been concerned about:  our hearts.

In Proverbs 6 Solomon writes to his son, “...Have you been snared with the words of your mouth (?)... Do this then my son, and deliver yourself... Go humble yourself...” “Zac, that doesn’t sound like it belongs on the wall of a military bunker... aren’t there other scriptures that might better ‘rally the troops’ to fight for freedom or something?” But this is the kind of freedom we’re fighting for this year.

We fight to free our lives from the bondage of bitterness and sin that seek to blot out the real freedom Christ already died for; we fight to free our lives not from the oppression of some political movement, but rather from the persuasion of self-righteousness and the callousness it inflicts upon the heart.

I love how Solomon says, “Deliver yourself!”

Have you ever had a kid that constantly wants you to do something for them, and finally you’re like, “Do It Yourself!!!”  (I’ve never had that, personally, but I understand if you have...)

So many of our prayers are riddled with pleas for deliverance, and sometimes I think Jesus is next to the Father with a laser-pointer pointing at a flannel-graph with a picture of the cross, and He’s like,

“Nailed It...—now deliver yourself.” 

Not because He doesn’t love us... but because He wants us walking in the fullness of power in 2019, and until we get a hold of what we’ve truly been given through that cross, we won’t live in the reality of deliverance.

In this particular case of Solomon and his son (As is often the case with us) it was his son’s mouth that got him in trouble, and the ‘treatment’ for deliverance, was humility (as is always the case with us).

While self-righteousness will maintain a defense against our brothers and our neighbors, humility will lead us back to them, delivering ourselves—from ourselves—back to the reconciliation we should have in Him.

Humility and Reconciliation are just two of the “non-perishables” that should line the shelves of our spiritual bunker; and prayer and worship, the combat we must be dedicated to skill ourselves in.  The resistance we fight is against perhaps the most dangerous threat to the Kingdom we serve: our very own pride.

Church, lets wage war against our sinful nature in 2019.

And may we ever be ready to surrender any hurt, haggle, or hang-up that might stand between us and the battle ahead.  Because we’re on the winning team, and you’re not gonna wanna miss this victory.

Stay Blessed,
Pastor Zac