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Core Values and doctrine


We Cherish The Presence of God

We place a premium on the Presence of God, everything else we could ever hope for is contingent on our proximity to Him. In His glory lives are transformed, relationships are restored, and people are healed. Therefore, our primary goal is to be a place of welcoming and peace for the Dove to land.

John 1:14/1 Chronicles 15:25

We are a Spiritual Family

Scripture refers to the fellowship of believers as a family and we have the opportunity and blessing of gathering as brothers and sisters in Christ when we gather in His name. Our prayer is that all who enter will sense the Spirit of Adoption here and feel like they’re “home”.

Romans 12:4-5/Ephesians 2:19-22/Galatians 4:7

We Live a Life of Surrender

Authentic worship and a life primed for purpose, both necessitate a complete surrender of self. We believe that a genuine vulnerability before God, and a transparency with each other, are foundational to the kind of relationship our Father desires with us. Therefore, we make it our goal to keep our sacrifice and service rooted in surrender.

Romans 12:1-2/John 4:23-24

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We Cultivate a Culture of Grace

Our righteousness is not the achievement of good behavior, but rather a condition of walking in the gift of grace, which Christ extends to us. Because holiness and righteousness are the Father’s standard for every believer, we purpose to foster
the culture of grace from which true righteousness is born.

Hebrews 4:16/Romans 6:14/1 Peter 4:8-10

We Practice Healing as a Discipline

Christ’s work in us is not performed exclusively in the present for the purpose of our future—He seeks to address our past as well. Scripture gives us the confidence that our former sin is forgotten; however, if left unattended, the trauma resulting
from brokenness can often have a crippling effect in our walk of faith. We believe these well-guarded wounds, when exposed to the revelation of Christ, will be healed and brought under submission to our testimony and victory in Him.
1 Peter 2:24/Psalm 103:2-3

We Engage Through Hospitality

As Christ washed the feet of His disciples, and now serves us at His table, we believe our best reflection of Him is in the service of those whom He seats among us. Our philosophy of service is to accommodate and equip the sons and daughters of God with everything needed to maximize their potential in His Kingdom.

Romans 12:13/John 13:14-17/John 21:15-17

We Measure Success by the Transformation of Lives

As the litmus test of walking in His Spirit and hosting His Presence, we value the transformed life. A transformation from the ‘old man’ to the ‘new creature in Christ’ is our proof that the prayer for “His Kingdom to come and His will to be done” here, is continually honored and answered from the Father’s Throne.

2 Corinthians 3:16-18/Romans 12:2



There are certain theological concepts that are not concretely defined in the Bible, and in order to have grounding on such topics, the Church has been known to draw its own conclusions…conclusions which have, for the most part, led to denominationalism and division among believers. At His Providence we believe that the Father was very intentional about what He included in the recording of His Word, and thus we must also conclude that in His sovereignty, He was equally intentional regarding what He chose to omit. Therefore, a truly humble and submissive people must accept the fact that their finite minds are incapable of understanding the ways and thoughts of a God who blatantly states, “My ways are higher than your ways, and my thoughts, higher than your thoughts” (Isaiah 55:9). With this in mind, we at HPC have chosen to embrace the living mysteries of God rather than having to determine His mind on something we were never meant to know



but rather by people of faith—people who may have different convictions about different things, but who, together, have dedicated themselves to growing closer to God. 


God never intended for our Christian lives to be spent in isolation. We believe that Christ designed the Church to be symbiotic in its function and growth. We work together, we grow together; we support, encourage, and challenge each other in the Lord, with the hope and faith that our relationships reflect and glorify Christ as an extension of His relationship with us.


as they are our communication with God. Just as the Lord desires to speak with us, we believe that He desires our response and expression reciprocated back to Him. Our times of prayer and worship are passionate and expressive of this relationship.


including both private and corporate mediums. We believe that in and of ourselves, we have nothing of value to say or teach, and thus have dedicated the words spoken from our platform to be as Bible-centered as they are God-focused. Be it a small-group bible study, an evangelistic conversation, or a Sunday morning sermon, it is our goal that our words are never far from His.

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