We believe the Bible, and while we may sometimes employ its example symbolically and allegorically, we interpret it literally as the perfect, holy, and living Word of God.


There are certain theological concepts that are not concretely defined in the Bible, and in order to have grounding on such topics, the Church has been known to draw its own conclusions…conclusions which have, for the most part, led to denominationalism and division among believers. At His Providence we believe that the Father was very intentional about what He included in the recording of His Word, and thus we must also conclude that in His sovereignty, He was equally intentional regarding what He chose to omit. Therefore, a truly humble and submissive people must accept the fact that their finite minds are incapable of understanding the ways and thoughts of a God who blatantly states, “My ways are higher than your ways, and my thoughts, higher than your thoughts” (Isaiah 55:9). With this in mind, we at HPC have chosen to embrace the living mysteries of God rather than having to determine His mind on something we were never meant to know.


HIS PROVIDENCE IS NOT REPRESENTED BY STATEMENTS OF FAITH, but rather by people of faith—people who may have different convictions about different things, but who, together, have dedicated themselves to growing closer to God. 

OUR COMMUNITY AS A BODY IS NOT ONLY FUN, IT'S GOD-ORDAINED. God never intended for our Christian lives to be spent in isolation. We believe that Christ designed the Church to be symbiotic in its function and growth. We work together, we grow together; we support, encourage, and challenge each other in the Lord, with the hope and faith that our relationships reflect and glorify Christ as an extension of His relationship with us.

PRAYER AND WORSHIP ARE INSEPARABLE, as they are our communication with God. Just as the Lord desires to speak with us, we believe that He desires our response and expression reciprocated back to Him. Our times of prayer and worship are passionate and expressive of this relationship.

THE STUDY AND MEDITATION OF THE WORD HAPPENS IN A VARIETY OF WAYS, including both private and corporate mediums. We believe that in and of ourselves, we have nothing of value to say or teach, and thus have dedicated the words spoken from our platform to be as Bible-centered as they are God-focused. Be it a small-group bible study, an evangelistic conversation, or a Sunday morning sermon, it is our goal that our words are never far from His.

Core Values

Our possession of greatest value is not our heritage, our building, or even our people; it is our relationship with God through Christ. We do greatly value those who call HPC their home, and we desire to provide our body with an atmosphere that is safe and welcoming of their worship. Even greater however, is our value of a corporate heart that is safe and welcoming of the Holy Spirit…as He is our ultimate audience.

  • We believe that the Spirit of God desires communion with man, and we dedicate our services, and our service in general, to His pleasure alone.

  • With that said, we believe that we please God through our prayer and worship, our community as a body, and our study and meditation of His Word.