Fall 2018 Small Groups and Studies


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Men’s Study—Conquer Series (on going)

Matt Martin 401-345-8515

6pm—HPC family room


Parables Study (open to all 9/8)

Bill Berg 774-991-4742

6pm—HPC 10-11yr old room


Plugged In (9/17)
Bill & Addie Baird 401-440-9215/440-9218
6:30pm- 274 Fort Street, East Providence


 Forgiveness Group (09/17)

 Maxie Hellman 828-291-1077

 6:30pm- HPC Nursery


Men's Breakfast
Wally Wildes 401-644-8267
6am- Cornerstone Bakery
Swansea, MA


Women’s Recovery Group (on going)
Nancy Martin & Rosemary Farrar
401-261-0003 & 401-480-0214
7pm– HPC 2 yr old classroom


Saints in a Season of Singleness (on going)
Bob Jones 401-545-3753
7pm– HPC family room


Grief Share (9/13)
Cheryl Eaton 774-991-0745


Stone Builders (9/13)
Chris & Sue Anderson 401-241-2777
7pm- 291 Sowams Rd, Barrington, RI


 Marriage Study (9/13)

Aaron & Beth Fisher

6:30pm- 107 Peck Street, Rehoboth


Men's Breakfast

Wally Wildes 401-644-8267

6am - Morins Diner

Attleboro, MA


Prayer (all welcome)
7pm—HPC Sanctuary











Men's Breakfast
Wally Wildes 401-644-8267
6am- Green Eggs
Bristol, RI


MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers)
Beth Galvin 401-330-9760
9:30am—HPC Sanctuary
(first Friday of the month - Childcare available)


Women’s Bible Study (9/21)

Teris Espinosa 508-455-8501

Sue McDonald 774-218-6172

6:30p- 101 Rocky Hill Rd., Rehoboth


Family Bible Study (9/14)
Brandon & Karis Arruda 774-319-4449
6:30pm - 11 Haile Street, Warren, RI
(every other Friday - kids welcome)


Bible Study- (9/14)

Peter & Jen Lomas 508-971-5166

7pm - 25 Pine Street, Seekonk

Youth Group (on going)
7pm - HPC Youth Sanctuary


Women’s Bible Study (9/12)
Beth Galvin 401-330-9760
9am- HPC Sanctuary (childcare available)


Doreen Eaton 508-254-4488 (9/12)
6:30pm—HPC youth room

 ***To Register for Women's Bible Study CLICK HERE***

Leadership Study (9/12)
Pastor Jim Galvin 401-330-9737
6pm– HPC


Junior High Group (9/12)
Matt & Heather Baluch 508-840-8330/508-840-8316
6:30pm-8:00pm—HPC Well


Women’s Study— "W.O.N" (9/12)
Women Overoming Negativity
Suzanne Kane 401-662-2309
6:30pm– 395 Ocean Grove Ave, Swansea


Men's Breakfast

6amI- Starbucks Fall River, MA

6am- Farnsworth Riverside, RI


Marriage Study—The Art of Marriage
Andrew & Rebecca Campagnone 401-829-6567
6:30p— 880 Wood Street, Swansea, MA

Young Adults (9/1)
Brian Espinosa 508-409-1555
7pm- HPC Well (every other Saturday)

Men's Breakfast
Wally Wildes 401-644-8267
Sat. 7am- IHOP East Providence
Sat. 7am- Old Theater Diner Coventry, RI




Men's Study- Conquer Series (9/16)
Chris Ekholm 401-207-1764
7pm- HPC Sanctuary

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