Here at His Providence Church we offer something for all children ages 0-11. All of our children’s programs are optional, children are always welcome to remain in the main service. We divide the children into four groups so that they can learn in ways that are most suitable for their age group. To check your children into His Kids Ministries on Sunday morning, there is a touch screen check-in system which prints out name tags for each child. Each tag includes the child's name, which room they will be in, any allergies they may have, and a random security code which is used to identify children upon pick-up- to be assured the child is with the appropriate adult in the case any teacher is not familiar with a new family or guest that morning.

His Little Critters

His Little Critters, our nursery, which is staffed with approved*, kind and loving volunteers is for children from 0-1 year of age.

Here the children can experience Gods wonderful creation in a woodland theme environment.

Contact Karyn Eaton or Irene Deneault for more info

His Backyard

During worship in the main sanctuary, the 2-3's are playing together with teachers in our "play room" and then are brought into their own classroom where they can learn about God on a more age appropriate level.

They have a snack and engage in activities related to what they are learning.

His Kids

“The big kids” join the adults for worship in the main sanctuary and then come together for a time of "Kids Worship". They then split into three groups: 4, 5, and 6-11 years old. Here we are able to go deeper into Gods Word in an exciting way they can relate to. They learn about God through a variety of ways, such as science experiments, crafts, games,  songs, puppetry, videos, dramas, etc.

We love children of all ages at His Providence. If you would like to get your child plugged in here at His Providence, please email Pastor Holly. Child counseling is also available.

His Kids Worship Team

His Kids Worship Practice will be the last Tuesday of every month. This is for children who are on the worship team (any child who wants to help lead in dances and singing on Sunday morning in kids church). We will do a devotion on worship and learn a new song.

*All youth and children’s workers at HPC have been approved by a pastoral interview and backround check.