Welcome to His Kids! Here's what to expect on a typical Sunday morning: Children from 0-12 Learning about their Father and Creator God through play, snack, reading scripture, praying, crafts, science experiments and lots of hands on activities. At His Kids we encourage children to develop their own personal relationship with God and equip them with the tools to do it through praying, reading, listening to His voice, and worshiping Him. We are so privileged and honored to spend time with, and invest in, each and every child that comes through the doors here at HPC. Keep a look-out for events that our children can participate in such as Bible Studies, VBS programs, Parent's Night Out, Family nights, etc.

Classes available for children:

*Children are always welcome in the main sanctuary all our classrooms are optional :)
 They are picked up at 12:00pm from the His Kids sanctuary or at their classroom by parents/guardians with confirmation code received at Check In.


0-5yr olds:

Classes are available from 9:45am-12:00pm. When children are dropped off, you will be required to sign them in with the teacher using a name sicker received when they are checked in at the His Kids Check-in Table.





6-11yr olds:

Begin Worship in the main sanctuary with their families and are dismissed at 10:30am by a slide on the Main Sanctuary



11-13yr olds:

Dismissed after Worship from the Main Sanctuary and head to the 11-12 year old classroom, adjacent to the Kids Sanctuary, for a Junior High Study. This class meets on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, & 5th (if applicable) Sundays. When class is over they are dismissed to the foyer. During the first Sunday of the month they are encouraged to  worship with their family in the Main Sanctuary and then stay in service for the message.