Pastor Zac Lenz

I very clearly heard the Lord call me to lead worship the Summer before I turned 13 at Camp Cullisaja in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Shortly after, I joined a Christian band and traveled around the southeast playing the keyboards for the next four years. After graduating high school I studied music with an emphasis on jazz for a year at what is now Southeastern University (then college). After taking a semester off, I packed my bags for New England (too long and divine of a story for the battery life on your handheld device or laptop; if you really want to hear it and you have some vacation days saved up, just ask me sometime and I’ll tell you), where I enrolled at Zion Bible College for the Winter semester of 2005.

Three of the best years of my life later, I graduated, married the best girl in the world, and continued leading worship at South Attleboro Assembly of God, where I had been serving as worship pastor in the Summer of 2006.

After leaving South Attleboro in February of 2011, the Lord led Ashley and I to begin a new ministry, which at the time, we did not realize was a church plant in the making. We hadn’t planned on planting or pastoring a church, and were more than a little surprised when it happened, but could not deny the Lord’s call on us to continue our ministry with this group. Over the next several months (the first months of our existence as a church), the Lord revealed Himself over and over, each time more confirming for us than the last, that we were indeed hearing Him, and He has graciously continued to find favor on the people and ministry of His Providence Church to this day.



Pastor Ed & Sully Pichette

I was first drawn to serve in ministry in my senior year of high school, and afterward attended Northpoint Bible College, where the Lord continued to impress the burden for His people upon my heart.  I have served in ministry in multiple venues and various ways, primarily as a student minister.  Along with pastoring a hilarious and lovable group of middle and high school students at HPC, I also serve as director of One United Inc., an initiative designed to build and foster unity in the Christian church.


Sly and I have been married since 2004, and we love having our home full of family, friends and laughter and love.  Our kid count has been known to vary, depending on how many foster children are with us, but we do know that two faces seem to stick around, so those must belong to us.


I love spending time with people and learning about each individual’s unique story and experiences.  We all have our own special way of seeing things, as well as our own ways to contribute to the community; and being able to share in the experience that each person brings to the table is a gift.  I believe that while healthy relationships and conflict resolution in the Body of Christ are often left in want, they are crucial factors for discipleship and revival.



Pastor Holly Hart

 For as long as I can remember, I have had a passion for God’s kids. He put a burden on my heart to see children come to know Him, feel His love, and to passionately live their lives for Him.

I began working with children when I was very young, and quickly grew to love the excitement and faith they have in Jesus. From there God led me around the world from Africa to central America teaching children about Him and His love for them.

I graduated with a degree in Family and Child Development from Liberty University in 2011, minoring in psychology and Intercultural Studies. It is now my blessing to serve our children here at His Providence.