is the biblical model of church leadership

There are a million ways to over complicate it, but according to the third chapter of Timothy's first letter, it’s really a simple concept: gather together a few men in the church who are full of the Spirit and above reproach in every area of their lives; men who are well grounded in their faith and who are spoken well of both inside and outside the church. These men are responsible for holding the church accountable both spiritually and practically, and are dedicated to hearing God on all church matters and being faithful to His direction in the leading of the body. While our Elders here at HPC represent and excel in different gifts of the Spirit, each has been recognized and agreed upon by the church body as able and discerning to lead in this capacity.

If you have any questions or concerns for our elders, feel free to email them:


Back Row (L to R): Randy and Keren Pardini, Ron and Doreen Eaton

Front Row (L to R): Zac and Ashley Lenz, Eric and Ruthann Delong, David and Linda Andrade